FORT WORTH, Texas -- The city followed through on a warning by filing its first lawsuit Friday against a substandard Las Vegas Trail apartment complex, Mira Monte Apartments, two senior assistant city attorneys confirmed.

The legal action comes six weeks after the city summoned Matthew John Baker, manager and director of Mira Monte Apartments LLC, to City Hall. City attorneys cautioned him to expect a lawsuit if he didn’t quickly act to raise the property to code, and enact specific recommendations in cooperation with the police’s efforts to curb crime on the premises.

That chance ended recently because of multiple firearm incidents, including one instance in which a person was shot. The violence prompted the filing of the lawsuit in Tarrant County District Court, said Chris Mosley and Harvey Frye, the two city attorneys leading the case.

Located on the southwest corner of Las Vegas Trail and Calmont Avenue, behind a high-traffic bus stop and corner hangout, and across Calmont from a highly frequented convenience store, Mira Monte is a well-worn code violator and police antagonist. Fort Worth police officer Richard Grinalds described the property to Mayor Betsy Price and other city officials on a bus tour several months ago as “the bane of my existence.”

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