FORT WORTH – In a secluded home at the end of a long, dirt driveway surrounded by woods in the 10800 block of Camp Bowie West Boulevard, a family was going about their normal routine Tuesday night.

They had just put their three kids to bed when they heard a loud bang.

They realized the door was kicked in, and a stranger was standing inside, said Fort Worth police.

The homeowner grabbed his gun and went downstairs to protect his wife and kids, said Officer Brad Perez, Fort Worth police spokesman.

The homeowner and suspect got into a scuffle, and the suspect cut the back of the homeowner’s arm with a small, curved knife, said Perez.

Then, he homeowner fired a single shot at the suspect. By the time police arrived, the suspect was dead.

“You go home you should be going away from your problems you should feel protected in your home, we are very fortunate this homeowner was able to protect himself and his family,” said Perez .

Police don’t expect to file charges against the homeowner, who is expected to be okay. The homeowner did not want to speak on camera.

The medical examiner is trying to determine the suspect’s identity and has not yet released his name or age.

Police are still investigating why the man broke in. They suspect burglary was the motive.