FORT WORTH -- The family of two brothers who died after being electrocuted by a downed power line after a storm in Fort Worth has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the electric company Oncor.

Alex Lopez, 12, and Isaiah Lopez, 11, were playing in Oakland Lake Park on March 29, 2017 when Alex was electrocuted by the power line. Isaiah was electrocuted while trying to pull his brother to safety.

The lawsuit claims that Oncor uses smart technology to know in real-time when there are power line disruptions, but the company didn't address the problems in the park before the boys were killed.

The lawsuit also claims it took electric workers more than an hour to get to the scene to turn off the power so emergency workers could get to the boys and try to save them.

“Oakland Lake Park was a place Alex and Isaiah loved and felt safe to explore. It was never a place to fear,” the attorney for the boys' mother, Jeffrey Rasansky, said.

“But due to Oncor’s negligence and delay in cutting power to this live line, the park became the scene of horror, ending these young boys’ lives," he said.

The lawsuit claims Oncor was negligent in warning the community about the dangers of the power line and didn't trim and maintain trees near the line at the park.

The family says it wants compensation for the boys' suffering and deaths, as well as its own mental anguish.

For Jose Lopez what he can and cannot see on his front lawn are equally painful.

"It keeps reminding me that they are gone," said Lopez, grandfather to the two boys.

He's used to seeing kids playing on the lawn and now all he has is a wooden cross to honor both Isaiah and Alex.

"There is no bigger pain than losing a son or a grandson," he said.

Attorney Arturo Gonzalez representing the grandparents, the father, and the estate characterize the actions of Oncor as gross negligence.

"Anybody that makes a mistake needs to pay for it," said Lopez who is not too fond of talking legal matters or the lawsuit.