ARLINGTON, Texas -- Marriage is a journey of commitment, requiring hard work, personal sacrifice and pushing through plateaus.

Daryl and Janelle Holder will celebrate 30 years this fall, but this last one has been one for the books because of what changed. "We got married when we were 25 and 28," said Daryl, as he sat on his couch with his bride.

"I saw my health get worse and worse and worse," said Janelle. At 232 pounds, she'd tried some dieting but hadn't made much headway over the decades.

"You block it out, you know people are looking at you, and people are saying why doesn't she lose weight," she said. "It's not that simple."

Daryl understood that, having -- in his words -- gotten comfortable. He put on a few pounds too. Then last June, Daryl's employer offered a new wellness plan to both of them. He was interested, so he pitched it to Janelle.

"He goes 'I'll help you with this, we can do it! I'll help you the whole way', and something just clicked, and I was ready," said Janelle.

In the last eight months, Daryl lost 45 pounds. He cheered on Janelle as she lost 80 pounds. They traded nights on the couch for two to four days a week at their Arlington gym together.

"It's like we're dating all over again!" said Daryl. "It's like 'Oh, let's go on our date!'"

What they gained was strength, quality time, and a new spark in their relationship.

"Forget the rest of the world, together, we can conquer so much," said Janelle.

Underneath 125 pounds, they found a better marriage.