For Jessica McClasky, her boyfriend and their dog, there's no better place to be on a Friday night than out on a pontoon on Eagle Mountain Lake.

"We worked all day so we thought it would be good to spend the evening out here," McClasky said.

And who could blame them? The lake is looking pretty darn good right now.

The lakes are nearly perfectly full in Tarrant County.

"It is," said Steve Arndt, who runs Suntex's Lake Country Marina on Eagle Mountain Lake. "We’re certainly happy to have the water levels we do."

It's not often you see this, but right now, all four of the Tarrant Regional Water District's primary reservoirs, including Eagle Mountain, are nearly perfectly full. So too are the lakes in the Trinity River Basin.

It's lent itself to an excellent summer here.

"We’re just so happy to have a lake that’s full, that’s usable," Arndt said.

Steve Arndt

It's especially sweet when you consider recent summers. For years, we reported on the drought conditions that were plaguing area lakes, exposing land and hurting businesses. Then, more recently, in a 180-degree weather turn, floods caused the lakes to pour into people's yards, shutting lakes down for a time.

Arndt said all of it was tough to get through.

"If you're trying to offer a wet slip to somebody and it's not wet, it's kind of tough to sell," he explained.

It's too early to know if Friday’s rains had much of an effect on lake levels. The TRWD implores people not to increase their water usage despite water levels being healthy.

The lakes are nearly perfectly full in Tarrant County.

For now, boaters will take the conditions understanding that in Texas, water is never a given.