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Tarrant County commissioners to vote on funding Meals on Wheels for A/C units for residents

Tarrant County officials said they've seen an uptick in heat-related calls from residents asking for help, including 60 calls from Precinct 1 the past few weeks.

TARRANT COUNTY, Texas — There are some North Texans who have been dealing with these triple-digit temperatures without any air conditioning.

Those who work for Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County have seen it firsthand.

“It just feels like an oven door opening,” Philip Gonzalez of Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County said of visiting homes without A/C. “You go home every day to a nice cool house and not everybody has that luxury.”

Tarrant County officials said they've seen a recent uptick in calls from residents asking for help. In fact, they said they received 60 calls over the last few weeks just from residents in Precinct 1, which covers Fort Worth, Crowley, Benbrook, and other areas.

“This year, we've seen people who might not usually call a social service agency for assistance because of the extreme heat and really having no other option to call to just find out where they can go for help,” said Tarrant County Assistant County Administrator Kristen Camareno.

On Tuesday, county commissioners are expected to vote on a program to give money from the county’s general fund to Meals on Wheels to buy air conditioning units for hopefully around 200 homes.

“Meals on Wheels already has the program parameters in place. They already have a process in place and they're very familiar. So instead of reinventing the wheel, we said, why don't we -- Since their funding is running out, this is probably the quickest way to get help to residents,” Camareno said.

Meals On Wheels will work with their community partners to identify those in need to receive the air conditioning units. The money covers the unit itself, delivery, and installation.

“It's going to go a long way to helping a lot of people overcome this heat during the summer,” Gonzalez said.

If you need help from this heat, the county asks that you call your case manager or social worker first. Your case manager or social worker will then call Meals on Wheels.

Don’t have a case manager or social worker? Call one of these numbers for more information or to speak with a case worker.

Tarrant County Aging and Disability Resource Center: 855-937-2372

Tarrant County Department of Human Services: 817-531-5620

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