DALLAS) -- A proposed change in teacher certifications that will impact districts across the state of Texas has been approved by the State Board of Educator Certifications.

The proposal could take effect in time for the winter semester and force districts to make decisions about teachers in their classrooms still taking required tests.

The Texas Education Agency believes requiring teachers to pass all necessary tests before stepping foot in a classroom will lead to better prepared and qualified educators. But leaders in local districts told WFAA the change could have detrimental side-effects, including an even deeper teacher shortage.

Even though the change is to designed to increase teacher quality, Dr. Richard Valenta, the deputy superintendent of Denton schools, is one of those who worries it will now be more difficult to fill classrooms with good teachers.

“There is no correlation between someone passing a test and good teaching,” said Valenta. “Now you are having to put a substitute in a bilingual class that may not have any proficiencies the previous teacher may have already acquired. It doesn’t make any sense.”

The TEA says districts will be able to file for emergency permits to keep teachers in their classrooms once the new changes take effect.