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'Star Wars'-themed Dallas pub celebrates 'Fett Tuesday'

The Ill Minster Pub’s 'Star Wars' phase kicked into hyperdrive on Mardi Gras with Boba Fett-inspired drinks.

DALLAS — It's Mardi Gras with a "Star Wars" twist at the Ill Minster Pub where fans celebrated “Fett Tuesday.”

The name is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the popular bounty hunter Boba Fett. Pub owner Patrick Gorman concocted a drink in honor of the character, mixing tequila with orange boba beads, lime juice, lemon juice and your choice of red or blue “lightsaber” straws.

The pub, which recently adopted “Game of Thrones” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” themes, launched the "Star Wars" cantina February 14th.

“I grew up watching all the movies and I loved 'Star Wars' growing up as a kid,” Gorman said.  “The recent 'Star Wars' movie coming out and 'The Mandalorian,' Baby Yoda, it kind of made sense.” 

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The bar features a large Chewbacca figure in the DJ booth, a Millennium Falcon hanging from the ceiling and dozens of posters, toys, figurines and games throughout the space.

“There’s just little stuff everywhere,” Gorman said. “You might come in one time and not even catch something. You might come in the next and see something you didn’t see the first time.”

The Ill Minster will only keep the Star Wars theme for a limited time, Gorman said.

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