Abandoned cars, trash overflowing from dumpsters and rundown businesses are among some of the issues neighbors across Dallas City Council District Four are complaining about.

Hoping for immediate action to some of those concerns, Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway organized a district tour.

Caraway requested representatives from several City departments to hit the streets in a unique tour of District Four on Tuesday. He says his mission was to take staff outside the comforts of Dallas City Hall and into the community to get an up-close look at some problem areas.

Community members toured the area with workers from code compliance, building inspection, public works, sanitation and police, among others.

The staff issued several citations for litter, dumping and junk cars. They also cracked down on a few businesses found violating city ordinances.

Caraway told the team city staff needs to be more proactive in addressing some quality of life matters, and not waiting for citizens to call.

“These are things that are unsafe," he said. "These are things that should not be that way, and we have to go out there and fix them ourselves. We do not have to wait for the citizens to tell us anything, because we are the city and we are supposed to know.”

City staffers say they recognize education needs to be part of some of their enforcement. A follow-up to the tour is expected in the coming days.