ARLINGTON, TX -- It was a resounding 60 to 40 percent win on Tuesday night for supporters of a new Texas Rangers ballpark.

Factor in Texas Live!, an entertainment complex that will be near the new park, and small business workers said the future has never been brighter for growth in Arlington.

"We're excited," said Darrell Wood, the manager of a restaurant groups that oversees the well-known Candlelite Inn restaurant.

The longtime eatery is a short walk or drive to Globe Life Park and AT&T Stadium, the same area where the new projects will be constructed.

"It'll be big for non-game days, because the traffic won't be so seasonal," said Wood.

But even Mayor Jeff Williams acknowledged that development around the area must thrive in the coming months and years.

He said that is one reason he thinks partial taxpayer funding for the new ballpark faced some legitimate opposition leading up to Election Day.

"There is no question that not having development occur before was part of it,” said Williams.

When AT&T Stadium debuted in 2009, there was widespread speculation things like condos, high-end shopping and other development would soon follow. It largely never materialized.

"Without a doubt, that was a factor," Williams said on Tuesday.

But he is confident with Texas Live! plans already firmly in place, there won't be a repeat, especially with Rangers ownership making a long-term commitment to the town.

Owner Ray Davis said as much on Tuesday night, thanking voters and campaign volunteers for the their support, and saying that the new facility will be something they'll be happy with for at least "30 years."

The city of Arlington said on Wednesday the city council hoped to have a briefing by month's end on a loose timeline for the project.