A group made up of Richardson residents will present the police department with a plaque in response to its work on the Sherin Mathews' case - high-profile case that has captured international attention.

"We considered Sherin our daughter as much as the family...because she's part of our community family," said Bill Allen, who is part of the small resident group.

The department's work on the case is being recognized by the group in the form of a plaque. It will be presented at the monthly police meeting on Tuesday. The group has also organized a memorial service and put in a bench in honor of Sherin at Restland Cemetery.

"I think it's due time we give good recognition for our police force," said Allen.

Sherin's story has gone international which, in part, has put Richardson in the limelight. Good attention is what Allen said this honor is about. Bill said Sherin's story has us talking about issues we likely haven't talked about in the past.

"She has been a catalyst for a lot of good dialogue and we just want to continue the dialogue," said Allen.

Sherin Mathews' story will continue into the year 2018. The adopted 3-year-old child from India was found dead in a culvert in Richardson. Her adoptive parents Wesley and Sini Mathews are in jail facing different and serious charges.