If you’re driving around in Frisco, you may start to see vehicles painted bright orange and blue. Those are self-driving cars, the latest technology in the city.

For the next six months, Drive.ai is running a pilot program at Hall Park, a large business complex. Employees within Hall Park will get to use Drive.ai’s driverless car and take it minutes away to the restaurants and shops at The Star.

Drive.ai is hoping to get customer feedback so they can make the app and rides more convenient for the public.

“By the time the pilot is done, all 10,000 employees will be able to have access to the service,” said Don Lepard with Drive.ai.

People at Hall Park who used the program for the first time were excited. “If there is any important work like attending a meeting, then it will be easy for us,” said Sai Kumar, a java developer, “No need to worry about the driving.”

In the long run, Drive.ai is hoping to expand the program beyond Hall Park. For now, the company is focusing on the pilot program to show people how quick, timely and safe a self-driving vehicle can be.