An Austin-based company that sells self-defense sports bras is seeing a spike in sales after recent attacks on female joggers.

In the last weeks, two East Coast women have been murdered while running and here in Austin a jogger was assaulted in Circle C Park.

Booby Trap Bras is trying to prevent this from happening to others. Their sports bras are made to protect women while they're walking, running or just simply running errands.

"I think most women have a real need for something like this," Ester Bowen said.

"It's very comfortable," Karyn May said.

May's Booby Trap Bra has a small pocket sewn into the lining where a small three-inch pocket knife fits inside.

"I don't feel it at all", May said. "There's a magnet inside that hangs on to the knife itself so it doesn't go flying out."

Other Booby Trap Bras have a larger pockets that hold pepper spray. The centered location of the pocket makes it easy to grab whatever is inside if you're being attacked.

"I feel better when I wear it," May said.

Apparently, other women do too. Booby Trap Bras reports that sales have spiked in the last month. The company's founder, Jennifer Cutrona, believes that recent attacks on female joggers here in Austin and across the country are making women think twice about protecting themselves. She also said men account for 80 percent of the company's sales.

"You know, it's always better to be prepared," Bowen said.

The sports bras range in price from $50 - $55. The knives and pepper sprays are sold separately on Booby Trap Bra's website.