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Need a date night? A risqué dessert stop with a sense of humor is now open in Plano

Better Than Sex, which specializes in gourmet drinks and desserts, opened Thursday in downtown Plano.

PLANO, Texas — Gourmet drinks and desserts, and funny sexual innuendos to go with it all --that's the name of the game for Better Than Sex, a new date night restaurant that officially opened Thursday night in downtown Plano.

Owner Sheila Phalen-Miller runs the restaurant with her husband and decided to open up shop after visiting a Better Than Sex location in Key West, Florida. 

The Plano location is a franchise and is one of four locations for the business in America. 

"We decided to dive all in and go down a completely different path than we were accustomed to," Phalen-Miller said. 

The restaurant's windows are draped, and the only thing that tips it off as a risque dessert lounge is the sign above the door. 

Once inside, there are a number of nude, yet tasteful, photos of couples. An obvious sign that this isn't a family place. 

"This is for couples," Phalen-Miller said. "This isn't a place for children, per se."

The dimly lit setting, the red brick walls and red velvet chairs makes you think you've walked into a Valentine's Day card. 

But when the menu comes out, that's where folks might really start forming opinions. 

Better Than Sex's trademark is alcoholic drinks and desserts with risqué names of the, let's say, adult variety. 

Some will make you laugh out loud. I don't want to spoil it, but a few examples include the "Love Potion 69" drink, the "Peanut Butter Perversion Cake," the "Milfshake," and the "Cookie Nookie Pie."

Credit: WFAA
Better Than Sex restaurant

Yup. Like I said, not exactly a family setting. 

"It's more about just coming in and laughing about what couples are saying when they say it," Phalen-Miller said. "It gives them a lighthearted evening and people love it." 

The city of Plano is on-board too. Members from the chamber of commerce were present at the official opening Thursday night. One said that they hope the restaurant brings some spice to downtown. 

Phalen-Miller said that she hopes it spices up a lot of fizzled relationships too. 

"We've actually helped bring some of that romance back into people's lives," she said. 

For those wanting to try, Better Than Sex is open from 6 p.m. to midnight Wednesday through Sunday.

"Live a little, relax, and come in to see what we're all about," Phalen-Miller said. "We're not going to be for everybody, but people who have given us a chance have left with the impression that ... this is good." 

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