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REWIND: Rodeo brings western fashion to Fort Worth

Western wear fashion evolves through the years, and the hippest and hottest items are easy to spot in Cowtown.

FORT WORTH, Texas — A trip down I-30 from Dallas can cause somewhat of a transformation for some people especially when the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo in town. Just like any other style, western wear fashion evolves through the years, and the hippest and hottest items are easy to spot in Cowtown.

Even back in 1975, former WFAA reporter Doug Fox reported on how his typical dress shoes, business suit, and tie might be the uniform for Dallas but would not fly in Fort Worth come rodeo time.

Nothing a trip west and a few dollars can’t fix.

By the end of the story archived and preserved in the SMU Jones Film Collection, Fox was outfitted in $65 boots, $10 jeans, a $10 belt, a $15 shirt, a $40 cowboy hat and even lit up a cigar for extra flair.

Anybody looking to do the same can still get “Fort Worthified” at the FWSSR Trade Show where several western outfitters have all the latest trends. WFAA got the help of Cavender’s to show us what’s “in” on the rodeo circuit these days.

“Plaids or some kind of print for a shirt,” said AnnaLynn Alewel, an employee and fashion expert with Cavender’s. “Also, slim straight pants where it is not as wide on the bottom. It is a little snug against your boot.”

As for those boots, cowboys and cowgirls can be particular when it comes to the style they want.

“A lot of people like the rubber on the bottom of the boot so it grips to the floor, but if you want to go dancing, you need a leather bottom.”

Finally, you have to top it all off with the very symbol of western culture, the cowboy hat.

A few pieces of advice when picking a hat: Dark-haired people should wear light-colored hats and vice-versa. Always rest your hat on the crown to protect the shape of the brim.

And do not ever put your hat on your bed. It is bad luck.

Another significant change since 1975 in western wear is the cost.

Boots alone or even the hat alone could well cost you more than Doug Fox’s entire 1975 getup.

Cavender’s also said people who wear western-style clothes are very brand loyal, very rarely mixing and matching different brands in their wardrobe.

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