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Residents are urged not to let their guard down as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

Fort Worth police warn residents not to get too comfortable too soon as businesses reopen

The Fort Worth Police Department’s Pandemic Response Team urges residents not to get too comfortable too soon as state leaders continue easing restrictions on businesses and popular attractions.

“I understand them opening everything up but we still have to be smart,” said officer JW Roberts of the Pandemic Response Team. “We still have to be safe and we still have to protect one another.”

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Roberts and six other officers suit up with masks and gloves every day. They patrol popular parks, businesses and attractions, encouraging people to practice social distancing and reminding them of the importance of following health and sanitation guidelines.

The warnings come soon after pictures circulated on social media appearing to show hundreds of people gathered at a coronavirus-themed party at a warehouse in Tarrant County.

Fort Worth police say the event happened outside the department’s jurisdiction but scenes like them endanger everyone, no matter where they happen in North Texas.

As long as COVID-19 remains a threat to some, the pandemic response team plans to treat it as a threat to everyone, and encourages everyone to do the same.

“The sooner we can comply with the rules, and be safe, the sooner we can try to get back to what we know used to be normal,” Roberts said.

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