MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes Turkey Burger Club


* 5-6 oz. all-natural Jennie-O turkey

* Your favorite burger seasonings, at MOOYAH we recommend a blend of garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion powder

* 1 slice Pepper jack cheese

* 2 strips Applewood smoked bacon

* ¼ of an avocado, sliced

* Lettuce

* Tomato

* 1 oz. Spicy ranch sauce

* Your favorite bakery multigrain wheat bun


1. Over medium-low heat fry up bacon to perfect crispiness. Be sure to drain the bacon thoroughly and set aside.

2. Take 6 oz. of Jennie-O all-natural ground turkey and form into a patty. Season each side with your favorite burger seasoning. At MOOYAH we use a blend of garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion powder.

3. Turkey burgers need to be cooked through. Heat a skillet, flat top or your grill to medium to medium-high heat and cook turkey burger for 3-4 minutes on each side or until cooked through. Try to only flip the burger once and don’t press down on the patty, this seals in the juices and prevents your burger from drying out.

4. After you flip your burger add your cheese so it has plenty of time to melt while the other side of your burger cooks.

5. While your burger cooks, mix-up some spicy ranch sauce. Take your favorite ranch dressing, add in your favorite hot sauce, at MOOYAH we use Cholula. You can always adjust the ratio depending on desired heat level.

6. At MOOYAH we house-bake our multigrain buns, but you can pick up a freshly baked roll from your local bakery or grocery store.

7. Coat both buns with your spicy ranch sauce; place your turkey burger on the bottom bun and then top with lettuce, tomato bacon and avocado.