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'Best day ever!': Re-watch Blue Origin flight launch into space, land safely back in Texas

Blue Origin's historic first space flight launched shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday in the West Texas desert, with Jeff Bezos and crew aboard.

VAN HORN, Texas — Blue Origin's first human space flight launched shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday in the West Texas desert. And history was made in the process, as both the youngest and oldest people to enter space were on board.

The flight launched and landed successfully after several minutes in space.

Wally Funk, 82, and Oliver Daemen, 18, joined Jeff Bezos and his brother, Mark Bezos, as they took flight from a remote location near Van Horn.

The flight launched shortly after 8 a.m. and ascended to more than 300,000 feet above Earth's surface. 

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The rocket's booster then de-attached from the crew's flight capsule and began the descent back to Earth, landing at the launch site about seven minutes and 30 seconds after it launched.

"It's dark up here!" Funk could be heard saying, as the crew's capsule hovered space for several minutes.

"Let's go to the moon! Go to the moon with me!" another crew member could be heard saying.

The capsule soon began its descent and landed softly in the West Texas desert, with the help of three parachutes. The capsule, to the cheers of the crew, touched down 10 minutes and 18 seconds after it launched.

"Welcome back to Earth," Blue Origin command told the crew.

Several minutes later, the crew exited the capsule to a small crowd celebrating in the desert, and they popped champagne.

"Best day ever!" Jeff Bezos could be heard saying.

Watch video of the crew emerging from the capsule:

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Watch the full Blue Origin launch -- from preparation to celebration -- here: