ARLINGTON - Sonia Duque-Miyashita from Newcomer Center has been increasing her students' awareness about the benefits of growing their own gardens as well as the rewards associated with voluntarism. Many of her students come from different countries and backgrounds as they enter Newcomer Center. Others are economically disadvantaged and have limited English comprehension.

In the school's eco-friendly project, students learned how to grow their own vegetables, flowers for beautification, and the flexibility of transporting their self-contained gardens when relocating during their often transit lifestyle.Along with gardening, the students were educated about the reasons for volunteering and serving in the community.

The students at Newcomer Center continue to gain knoweldge about plants, trees, and recycling as well as nursing homes and Mosaic Family Services. Mosaic Family Services provides culturally competency services to refugees and immigrants in crisis.

Congratulations to Sonia Duque-Miyashita for being one of the 2013 Eco-Educators!