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Why'd the turtle cross the road? Turtles find home in Plano neighborhood

A nearby resident was on their daily walk and told the Plano specialists turtles often cross Pipestone Drive to get to Russell Creek.
Credit: City of Plano

PLANO, Texas — A slow-moving North Texas reptile got a helping hand earlier this week after some neighbors spotted the animal trying to get to its destination. And city officials later found out this is a more common occurrence than they realized.

On Friday, the city of Plano shared a Facebook post that talked about a recent encounter some city workers had earlier that day.

Two of Plano's environmental quality specialists were doing routine grease trap inspections when they saw a turtle crossing Pipestone Drive. This is south of State Highway 121 Access Road and Dallas North Tollway.

The specialists pulled over to make sure the turtle got across safely. A nearby resident was on their daily walk and told them that turtles often cross this road to get to Russell Creek, city officials said in the post. The city workers walked the turtle safely to assist its journey back to the water.

Credit: City of Plano
An environmental quality specialist from Plano recently came across and helped a turtle trying to cross a residential road.

City officials also said for your safety and for the turtles, residents should not approach wildlife. 

According to Turtle Survival Alliance, this organization says to enjoy wild turtles in the wild, and "If you find turtles in a safe place, leave them there. Turtles are very slow to mature and very few hatchlings live to adulthood. For these reasons, removing any individuals from the wild can greatly impact local populations."

The Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society has a section on its website specifically answering the question, "What's the right way to help a turtle cross a road?"

  • Don't put yourself or others in danger
  • Avoid Excessive Handling
  • Allow Unassisted Road Crossings
  • Handle Turtles Gently
  • Maintain Direction of Travel

If you're concerned about an animal, you can contact Plano Animal Services at 972-769-4360.

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