Pinkie the Staffordshire terrier has been found -- for real -- six days after she went missing, Fort Worth police announced Friday night.

The dog was inside Pam Wilson’s car when it was stolen while she ran errands at a Fort Worth Dollar General store last Saturday. While the car and the 35-year-old who allegedly stole it were found, Pinkie was still missing.

On Friday, though, Wilson received good news. A woman called Wilson to tell her that her uncle had seen a dog get pushed out of a pickup truck in front of his home, and had taken the dog in to care for it.

The woman, identified only as Melissa, had seen the story of Pinkie going missing. She took a photo of the dog confirmed with Wilson and with police that the dog was indeed Pinkie.

Melissa’s uncle’s work schedule prevented a reunion from happening Friday evening, but that reunion is scheduled for Saturday at the Dollar General Store where Pinkie was taken.

On Thursday, police thought they had found Pinkie but it was determined to be the wrong dog.

While it has a happy ending, Wilson and Pinkie’s story is a sobering reminder for dog owners, police said.

“Even though she’s not supposed to do this, she left the car running because she wanted the AC on for the dog,” said Fort Worth Police spokesman Ofc. Brad Perez. “You never want to leave the vehicle unattended. If you can’t take the dog inside with you, leave the dog at home.”