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'I came here and I got healed' | Believers say pilgrimage to Miracle Tree in South Texas helps people overcome medical challenges

Hundreds of people come to a South Texas tree to pray and touch it for God's healing power.

CONCEPCION, Texas — The power of miracles makes Americans believe.

A survey from the Pew Forum showed 80% believe in divine intervention, and that has people traveling from across the country to pray at a tree in South Texas, near Concepcion, that they believe has the power to heal.

Hope grows near a remote intersection in South Texas, behind a fence, draped in rosaries and crosses that sway in the breeze.

Hundreds of people come here to pray and touch this tree for God's healing power. 

"My knees were bad, my back was bad and I came here and I got healed," says Jose Zamora.

As word spread, this became known as the Miracle Tree.

Estela Garcia Cantu's mother planted the tree with a single purpose, telling her daughter:

"I asked the Lord for a tree that would heal people, especially people with difficult illnesses," Cantu said.

A small chapel bears witness to what people believe are miraculous healings. Religious statues and photographs sent with notes of thanks and praise. Other letters addressed to the Miracle Tree ask for help.

Estella Garcia Cantu now manages the chapel and visitors. It is free.

"Thousands of people have been given miracles after praying here.  You can see it in the chapel," says Cantu.

The tree reached a height of more than 40 feet before the February freeze of 2021 appeared to have killed it.

But after it was cut in half, it came back, and so did the faithful. 

"Ramon had a stroke and they didn't give his wife any hope they said he wasn't going to make it," said Janie

"Doctors said that he was going to stay a vegetable, not walk, nothing," said Ramon's wife Marie Gomez.

Five months ago, Marie Gomez brought her husband Ramon in a wheelchair to the tree.

"After that I started seeing improvement. In just a month he started talking and moving his limbs. He went from a wheelchair to a walker and now he can walk with a cane," said Marie Gomez

"I give credit to the Lord, to the miracle tree and prayer," said Ramon Gomez.

Even medical professionals have seen the power of prayer.

"There's a lot of things that happen sometimes that just don't make medical sense," said emergency room Dr. Eddie Wright, who operates Prestige Emergency Care.

Wright says after doctors do all they can, he's seen prayer make a difference.

"I think sometimes faith steps in and closes that gap for us and again, in ways that we just can't explain. I see it all the time and I think it's there," said Wright.

That hope brought the De LaPaz family to the Miracle tree from 400 miles away.

"I prayed for my father. He has cancer, liver cancer and they've given him six months. So that's why we traveled the distance to the miracle tree.  We came here for a miracle," said Rosanna Dominguez.

Some who've prayed here say they can hear water flowing inside the tree.

"It's like a running water  Maybe like like a waterfall or a rain stick," said Estela Garcia Cantu. 

The De LaPaz family join thousands who have journey here in faith - to see signs of wonder -  healing through hope.

"Your chances are always going to be better when you have hope," said Wright.

The listed address for the Miracle Tree was 10171 Farm to Market Road 1329, Concepcion, Texas 78349, United States.

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