A little boy left virtually brain dead by a suspected drunk driver in 2009 has died. Abdallah Khader was eight years old when he passed away Sunday morning at Cook Children's Medical Center.

"Today I had to say goodbye to my son. He finally left us," said his mother, Loubna Khader. "He's gone to a better place, but it hurts so much because I already miss him."

Loubna and Fahad Khader watched their son suffer for nearly 6 years since a night in February of 2009, when a man slammed his pickup into the Khaders' sedan in Arlington.

It crushed Abdallah in his car seat.

Stewart Richardson's blood alcohol was about 3 times the legal limit. He has a long history of DWI related arrests.

Abdallah's parents want to think only of their son.

"The pain is just too great to think of anything else," Loubna said through tears Sunday night. "The pain of missing him. But I do feel at peace that he's somewhere better."

Abdallah died in a hospital bed, struggling to breathe from yet another bout of pneumonia. Many times through the years, doctors told his parents he could go anytime.

"Every time I take him there, he proves them wrong," Fahad Khader said. "Today he couldn't take it."

Abdallah will be buried Monday, according to Muslim custom. Because of legal appeals, Stewart Richardson has been jailed longer than any Tarrant County inmate still awaiting trial.

Years that Abdallah Khader's mom slept at her son's side, making sure he could breathe. She could only hope that he knew she was there.

"I believe he's going to a better place. A better place than my arms," she said. "Six years he suffered so much. He doesn't deserve it."

Abdallah Khader would have turned nine in April.

Prosecutors hope to bring the case to trial this year. They say Abdallah's death will not affect charges against Richardson because the punishment they are seeking would be the same.