Getting kids to open up on TV is not easy especially when you're talking about painful things.

But this story is different.

I recently met a group of siblings who taught me a few things about being brave enough to be honest about your pain.

Life has dealt Savannah and her siblings a tough hand, but their heads remain above water.

“I've always wanted parents who care for us,” said Savannah with tears running down her face.

“I want parents who are gonna love us. Who are gonna take care of us because Wilson was practically my mom."

Wednesday's Child: Wilson, Savannah, Luvaughn and Izzy
Wednesday's Child: Wilson, Savannah, Luvaughn and Izzy

Wilson is Savannah’s 15-year-old older brother. He took on the responsibility of Savannah, Luvaughn and Izzy at a very young age.

“My siblings are my world. I practically raised them," he said.

Wilson refuses to let their history of abuse and neglect hold them back.

Instead, he's a high achiever who writes songs to cope with his pain. He wrote one song about his biological mother. It is a powerful rap.

"I look back and realize I was stupid to think things would change. It's been almost four years and it's still the same. For four years I said I'm the blame. For four years you've been the source of my pain."

Four years in the system is brutal.

Yet Wilson acknowledged that he, 8-year-old Luvaughn and 7-year-old Izzy are lucky to have the foster parents they do.

"They're a blessing from God," he said.

Perhaps that's why Luvaughn always carries a smile and passion for sports.

“I like soccer because I like kicking and football because I like tackling and throwing the basketball because I like jumping," he said.

However Luvuaghn, Wilson, and Izzy miss 13-year-old Savannah.

She is currently separated from them.

“It's very painful," said Savannah.

Right now her focus is on trusting God to bring them back together.

" I look up to Him. I pray to Him," she said confidently.

By leaning on Him, Savannah and her siblings wait in peace for a forever family to adopt them together.

"I want to be adopted with my sister and my brothers because I love them so much," said Izzy in her sweet, soft voice.