When siblings enter the foster care system, they don't always stay together. WFAA recently met two brothers who are still together and want to keep it that way.

Brothers Tyran and Tyrese are learning that preparation is the key to success. They don't just want to stretch their bodies, but also their minds too. 

"I pride myself with good grades," 15-year-old Tyran said.

We met up with Tyran and little brother Tyrese at A+D1 Sports Training in Carrollton, where pro Arena Football players showed the brothers a rigorous workout.

"Working out helps me to focus my energy. Like if I have anger, I let it all out on the football field," Tyran said.

In addition to being athletic, he is smart...real smart. 

"I want to be an aerospace engineer or a biochemist," he said.

Little brother Tyrese wants to catch up with his brother at every turn. He looks up to Tyran. 

"He's smart. He's good at a lot of things," Tyrese said.

Tyrese excels at school when he's focused. When playing sports, the adrenaline rush is an outlet. 

"I can push myself, build like a good physique and let all my anger out, just push myself," Tyrese said.

Caught up in the foster care system, these brothers celebrate being together and not torn apart. 

"Other people they have their parents to look up to, but we're all we have, so I try to be a role model for him," Tyran said.

It takes discipline to be a role model and a fearless attitude to survive foster care. When asked what they want to feel from parents, Tyrese did not hesitate. 

"Like I belong," he said.

Tyran said it's important to them to be adopted together. 

"I want a family that we can call a family together," Tyran said. "Someone who will be there for me after I graduate and if I have setbacks in my life, I can depend on."

These brothers need a forever family who will make them smile just like the pro arena football players made Tyrese smile. Even though the players only met him that day, they showed up with birthday presents for both him and big brother Tyran.

Tyrese turned 12 the day of our taping. Our hope is that he and his brother are getting adopted by the time he turns 13.

You must be licensed to foster or adopt a child in Texas. To get the process started contact LaQueena Warren with CPS at Laqueena.Warren@dfps.state.tx.us.