Today's Wednesday's child report is about double the blessings!

2 year-old identical twin brothers who have been in foster care almost as long as they've been alive.

The boys had a traumatic beginning in life, but their foster mom says they've come a long way.

Matthew and Mason are two year old identical twins with their own unique personalities.

“Mason is a lot of personality. He's definitely come into his own,” says foster mom Boni Heplar who has cared for the boys for almost two years.

"21 months,” she said. “Got them in February 2015."

Mason sits with Cynthia Izaguirre

Heplar says Mason is developmentally on target after both he and his brother were victims of shaken baby syndrome.

Mathew took the brunt of the abuse.

“Matthew has some type of traumatic brain injury. Mason had some type of injury but it kind of cleared up on its own," she said.

2 year-old Matthew cannot walk on his own and still has to be fed baby food.


He requires therapy twice a week with several specialists. Through it all he remains loving and very affectionate.

Heplar calls Matthew her “cuddle bug.”

Brother Mason is an explorer who's quick on his feet. Mason is ready for a game of chase any time!

Their foster mom says Mason needs more brothers and sisters to play with while his brother receives treatment.

"Matthew has therapists after therapists and Mason a lot of times is just trying to get some attention," she said.

Mason and Matthew need parents who have the compassion and energy to advocate for their 'extra' needs.
But one thing's for sure these two treasures will make it 'extra' rewarding!