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Wednesday's Child: After 2 years in foster care, this brother and sister duo only want one thing – to be adopted together

"I have this much love for everyone," said 11-year-old Damon, holding out both of his arms.

DALLAS — A brother and sister are asking a loving family to adopt them. Damon, 11, and Ireanna, 13, are both ready for their forever family. They are tonight’s Wednesday’s Child.

If there's one thing these two have already learned, it's that they have a lot of love to give.

"I have this much love for everyone," said Damon, holding out both of his arms.

These siblings are waiting patiently for the right forever family.

"I want a mom and a dad. I want a dog and I want to be with my sister. I can't imagine life without my sister," said Damon.

After being in and out of foster care for two years, Damon and Ireanna said that no matter what, they want to be adopted together.

"It's very important, because I don't want to like, see life without my brother. It would be boring, and I would have no one to talk to," said Ireanna.

"She's always there when I need her. She's always listening to me. We're always playing," said Damon.

They play together and create together! During the Wednesday’s Child taping they made bowls and cups at Oak Cliff Pottery.

"I like making stuff like Legos. I like painting. I like drawing," said Damon.

"I like to draw like cartoon characters and shapes, like pyramids and stuff," said Ireanna.

She also creates superheroes who spin around the universe.

"She has these two fictional characters that go on adventures. They're like superheroes and they save the world," said Damon.

For Damon, his sister is one of his heroes because she's teaching him to love by loving him.

"I have enough to give a lot. My heart's pretty big," he said.

"I think that's pretty amazing," his sister said, agreeing with him.

All they need are superhero parents who will continue helping to mold Ireanna and Damon into the incredible humans they are becoming.

For more information on how to adopt Ireanna and Damon, please send all approved home studies to LaQueena Warren at LaQueena.Warren@dfps.texas.gov. Remember to include Damon and Ireanna's name within the subject line.

If you're not licensed, please visit adoptchildren.org to find out more information on how to become licensed to foster and/or adopt or contact LaQueena Warren at 817-304-1272.  

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