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Siblings 9-year-old Ricky and 11-year-old Ebohnee are separated in foster care. Their wish for the new year is to be adopted by loving parents

Siblings Ricky and Ebohnee are separated in foster care.

DALLAS — A new year means renewed hope for a brother and sister who need the tender love from parents. 

Ricky and Ebohnee are also asking for your help with something else.

They are this week's Wednesday's Child.

Magical moments don't happen often in foster care, but they did at the Crayola Experience in Plano. 

Ricky, 9, made a crayon for his big sister, 11-year-old Ebohnee.

"Ebohnee, I got something for you!" he said proudly as he ran toward her carrying a green crayon.

Ricky made her a crayon first before making anything for himself. That's how he feels about his big sister.

"I like to have fun and do stuff with Ebohnee," he said.

Their CPS caseworker, Jeffrey Morris, says the siblings are separated in foster care. 

"They've only had the opportunity to visit with each other so it's been really tough on them," said Morris.

He says being apart has been heart-crushing for the children who long to be together.

"They need a family that's gonna provide them stability and nurturance. They want to be together. They want to be adopted together."

Morris says both children are kind, loving and athletic. He says Ebohnee has played soccer in the past and is good at it.

"I like soccer. I wanna play soccer. I think I'm a pretty good soccer player," she said.

Ricky is also athletic and creative.

"My favorite colors are blue, green, yellow and red. I like to draw. I like to spend time with Ebohnee," he said.

Ebohnee is into sports, sccience and meteorology.

"I want to live up to my dream and like look at the radar and stuff and actually get to see a tornado," she said.

While Ebohnee chases tornadoes in the future, Ricky wants to chase down bad guys. We asked him what he wants to be when he grows up.

"A SWAT officer. So I could help people," he said.

They hope to reach their goals with the love and guidance from loving parents who adopt them together. When Ebohnee is around, Ricky is home.

"Great sister," he said when asked how he would describe Ebohnee.

As for her, she feels the same. Ricky is Ebohnee's world. 

Ricky has one wish this new year and hopes you can help.

"To be with Ebohnee," he said fighting backs tears as his older sister reached over to hug him. 

They are the only family they have which is why we pray this Wednesday's Child report results in a forever family who loves them both.

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