Every Wednesday, we bring you the story of an orphan who needs love, security and safety. Unlike most of the children we feature, this week's Wednesday's Child is nonverbal.

Fourteen-year-old Janasia doesn't have words, but she definitely speaks a language. It's easy to make Janasia smile. She was full of laughter at Chelsea's Tea Room & Boutique in Arlington when we met her.

No one is better at making Janasia smile more than her foster mom, Karen Walker.

“Full of joy. Janasia has changed my life," she says.

Janasia has been in foster care for five years. She's only had one placement and it's with Walker. She still remembers the day Janasia arrived in her home. It was love at first sight.

“And I looked down at this little girl and oh my heart melted!" she says.

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Janasia doesn't use words, yet this princess teaches lessons everywhere she goes about how to love unconditionally. It's her language.

"She loves music. She loves to see children play. She gets excited," says Walker.

Janasia needs adoptive parents who are in it for the long haul.

“She has a lot of medical issues and some of the time she's unstable, so she really needs someone who is dedicated to her," says Walker.

Janasia has seizures and needs to see a long list of doctors and specialists regularly. Walker expected all this. What she did not expect was the kind of joy that makes her not want to let go.

"She's special to me and I love her dearly," she said as she wiped away tears.

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