Raw emotion from a young lady who wants a family to be there for her until she takes her last breath.

McKenzie is just 15 years old, yet she’s had to play the role of adult for too long.

She and her younger brother Kaleb open up to WFAA’s Cynthia Izaguirre about foster care, and the miracle it's been for them.

When you ask 11-year-old Kaleb and 15-year-old McKenzie to describe themselves, you get two very different answers.

“I'm really energetic. I like to run and do a lot of sports," answers Kaleb.

“I've always had to be the adult," answers McKenzie.

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For many years, it was hard for McKenzie to keep her head above water as she opens up during our adventure at Pirate’s Cove Water Park in Burleson.

“I had to make sure that Kaleb got to school you know and was fed and had a place to sleep with heat," she says.

McKenzie explains she has watched over her little brother like a mother since a very young age. It’s something Kaleb will never forget. He says she means everything to him.

Three years into foster care, McKenzie calls it a miracle that she no longer has to act like Kaleb's mom. Through tears, she describes what she wants as she heals from a painful past.

"Not to be alone. I just don't want to be alone," she says. Now, McKenzie needs someone to mother her.

"A mom that's there for you at night when you can't sleep," she says wiping away the tears.

Kaleb feels the same.

"I want a Christian mom that will always go to church and will always help us when we need helping," he says.

They both pray for fathers too. Kaleb wants to learn from one because it's what he wants to be one day.

“That I will be a really good dad," he says about his future endeavors.

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McKenzie wants a dad who will do what all fathers promise their daughters, to protect them.

“I've always wanted a dad to where he's strict on the guys that you choose you know because I've never had a dad in my life," she says.

But they've always had each other and together, Kaleb and McKenzie hope to be adopted into loving arms.

“I want a family that's there for me. A place that I can go back to. A family that's always going to be there for me until my last breath," says McKenzie.

Kaleb and McKenzie have an older brother who has special needs. Timothy will not be adopted with them, but they pray for a family who will make sure the three siblings remain in close contact.

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