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Wednesday's Child: Helping those who have aged out of foster care

Aging out of foster care can be a rough transition for some youth who have no idea how to apply for a job, find a place to live or even cook a meal.

DALLAS — When a foster child doesn't get adopted, they age out of foster care when they turn 18.

It can be a rough transition for some youth who have no idea how to apply for a job, find a place to live or even cook a meal.

But, there's always hope and help.

In tonight's Wednesday's Child, meet some awesome people helping former foster youth to succeed.

Thinking on his feet is something 25-year-old DaShawn Palmer has had to do his entire life.

"I like to have fun, eat. I'm adventurous. I like exploring new things," he said about his personality.

He also likes to write rap songs. Today, he made up lyrics on the spot about the opportunity to be on WFAA. He had plenty of encouragement from his mentors.

"So much love," he said about the love he receives at CitySquare's Transition Resource Action Center in Dallas.  When DaShawn aged out of foster care seven years ago, TRAC was the safety net he needed.

"They took me in. I didn't know what was gonna happen. They showed me the ropes in life. It's not easy but I made it easy," he said.

DaShawn is all about "keeping it real." His mentors at TRAC also like to keep it real.

"Nothing but pride, nothing but pride," said Michael Guinn. He is DaShawn's mentor.

"He was raising pure hell over there in Glenn Heights or wherever he was, but we got him. We got him on the right trac," said Guinn. He has mentored DaShawn over the last seven years.

DaShawn says everyone at TRAC works as a team to educate on the resources available to help former foster youth live on your own.

"How to get a job. How to maneuver in life as a young man," he said.

TRAC helps former foster youth specifically between the ages of 16 and 24. Guinn says the mission is to help them be a better version of themselves.

"Housing, workforce, drop-in center, food, clothing, bus passes, whatever it is so that we eliminate any reason why they can't succeed," he said.

Guinn says DaShawn is not where he wants to be yet, but they will be here as long as he needs them.

"I've graduated high school, I've graduated college. I graduated from Media Tech Institute of Dallas. I am working on starting up my own business," said DaShawn about his amazing progress.

DaShawn was afraid he would get lost when he aged out of foster care, but instead he found a family.

"He's the reason why we do it, and so many other youth that come through our doors," said Guinn.

DaShawn says he believes he would have struggled immensely aging out of foster care were it not for TRAC. He says they have blessed his life. He is thankful to God.

"I'm a huge believer in Christ too. If you put your trust in God, He going to make things happen," he said.

"I was a troubled youth and now I'm a man."

TRAC's mission to help young people ages 16-24 transition toward self-sufficiency cannot be done without your generosity.

If you would like to donate to the Transition Resource Action Center, click here.

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