"Loving" is the best way to describe a group of five siblings who need a forever family.

Hayden, Layla, Clyrissa, Max, and Daylon have been through a lot in their short lives and are currently in three separate foster homes.

Max hugs his sister, Clyrissa.

Our goal is to find them all a safe home under the same roof. They are today’s Wednesday’s Children.

"They are a treasure beyond words," says Collin County CASA volunteer Cindy Coffman.

When you meet Hayden, Layla, Clyrissa, Max, and Daylon, it's hard not to fall in love. We took the five siblings to the Heard Natural Science Museum & Animal Sanctuary in McKinney, where they played with the rescue animals.

"They melt your heart and they just really want to please in a good way," Coffman said.

Cindy Coffman

The children came in to foster care almost two years ago. They were removed from a neglectful home where they were surrounded by drugs.

"They all lived together in one room," Coffman said.

Today, the siblings are in separate foster homes, but see each other weekly and have a tight bond.

“I love my brothers and sisters a lot," said 8-year-old Hayden, the oldest and most protective of his siblings.


He is also creative. Legos are his favorite toy.

“I like making stuff and building stuff," he said, smiling.

Two-year-old Layla is an easy toddler who is downright adorable.

Layla with News 8's Cynthia Izaguirre

Three-year-old Clyrissa has a million-dollar smile and attitude.


Five-year-old Daylon is spunky and shows us how much he loves his siblings by extending out his arms as far as he can go!


Finally, 6-year-old Max is a sweet and loving boy. He is very intelligent and aims to please.

Max (right)

Like many other foster children, he battles bad dreams at night. He told us they make him “super scared” and that he wants the nightmares to go away.

These precious children need a family who will hold them, love them, and guide them in to the future. They are behind at school because of the situation they come from, yet their CASA volunteer says she is stunned at how quickly they absorb and learn new information.

The family who signs up to give these children a safe home will have its hands full... of joy.

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