During this magical season, a group of children still awaits a Christmas miracle.

They are a brother and three sisters who delight in the prospect of this report helping them find a safe and loving home.

Cynthia, Sophia, Elijah and Olivia have four adorable personalities.

"I like Christmas, and I like going to church," said Olivia as her little brother runs circles around her.

These four siblings are a reminder of how children are so full of life and resilience. They have walked down a traumatic road.

Cynthia, 13, was forced to grow up quickly and is very "motherly" to her younger siblings.

"I feel like Elijah can make anybody laugh regardless, and Olivia she's very hyperactive. She can bring your feelings up. Sophia can turn any bad day to a good day," said Cynthia.

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Sophia, 12, is all about music and art.

“I love to sing and dance. I love to do all the things most of the time, but the most favorite thing I like to do when I'm really bored. I like to draw," said Sophia.

The picture in her heart is one of togetherness with her siblings. The girls are currently separated from their little brother.

“I like to draw," exclaimed Elijah. The 6-year-old is on the autism spectrum. It makes Cynthia sad that she can't see him every day to comfort him and let him know she's always there for him.

“I feel distraught and disappointed that he kind of doesn't really know who I am yet," she said about being separated from him.

Elijah has special needs. It will take very special people to adopt the four of them and help provide a stable and loving environment, especially for Elijah.

Cynthia said their forever family has to have one big quality. “That they can have a lot of patience not only with us, but with Elijah," she said.

In this season of great joy Elijah, Cynthia, Sophia and Olivia wait for a loving home with parents who are compassionate about where they've come from and are willing to love and protect the four of them forever.

“He's the funniest little cutie in the world. He's my favorite," said Olivia about her little brother. She then gives him a big kiss on the cheek.

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