The best things in life come in three's. That's especially true for a group of three siblings who are full of spark and wonder.

Christina and her two younger twin siblings, Soniah and Semaj, have a caseworker who is fighting to keep them together.

We recently met with them at the Dallas World Aquarium.

Four-year-old twins Soniah and Semaj and their older sister Christina have been in foster care for a couple of years.

"Our real parents won't take us," says Christina. She is an attentive older sister who always takes care of her little brother and sister.

In fact, when she thinks about her siblings, love is the first word that comes to mind. Christina giggles when asked to describe her rambunctious little brother, Semaj.

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"He's so nice and he bosses people," she says with a bright smile.

Little Soniah is very bright and inquisitive. The crocodile caught her attention.

"It was like big and strong," says the 4-year-old.

Christina, Soniah and Semaj are all intelligent and energetic. The three of them started to read at an early age.

"When the teacher's reading, I listen," says Christina.

Their caseworker says sometimes people want to adopt younger siblings without their older ones. It's already happened with these three children.

A couple wanted to adopt the twins and not Christina.

"Right now, the goal is to get them a family where they can all be together, and we don't intend to separate them," says Kendra Leija.

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Kendra knows separating the twins from Christina would be devastating.

"They look up to her because that's their older sister," she says.

Christina, Soniah, and Semaj will do best with a family who has the energy and the patience to keep up with them.

"God made me brave," says Christina about her wait for a Forever Family.

Christina prays the family who adopts them will be as patient and as loving as God has been with her.

"He has helped me. He has teached [taught] me and He has let me do what I'm supposed to do," Christina said.

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