Today's Wednesday's Child is a pair of sisters who are pure sunshine.

Christina and Aubree are definitely ready for adoption, too.

And get ready: The Forever Family who ends up with these girls will feel like the luckiest people on earth.

Adventurous girls Christina and Aubree are two sisters with a tight bond.

“She's very sweet. She's very funny. And I love her to death!" said Christina about her little sister, Aubree.

Aubree looks on as her big sister Christina speaks.
Aubree looks on as her big sister Christina speaks.

Nine-year-old Aubree has a bright personality. She's come a long way in school, and often daydreams about her future Forever Family.

"How my Mommy and Daddy is going to be like," she explained. "How they're going to look like and treat me like."


Christina is about to turn 10. She's a wonderful big sister.

“I'm sweet, kind and courteous," she said, proudly.

Christina loves to help others, but must be reminded that she's a child when she tries to take on too much responsibility.

“At my biological house, my real bio house, they did a lot of bad stuff and I had to sit there and watch it," she said. "And I had to grow up with my sister and take care of her."

Christina and Aubree have overcome abuse, neglect and a lot of disappointment.

Yet, listen to what they hold on to: "I always say, when I get scared, God has a plan for me," Christina told us.

They both pray for parents who treat them as if they were their own blood.

"I want to have a nice home and adoptive people that can adopt us and love us as much as they possibly can," Christina said.

Both girls have been through a lot together, and are the only family they have left.

That's why Christina and Aubree need parents who will adopt both of them. It's their prayer.

“Because I love her and I want to stay together with her,” Aubree said.

You must be licensed in the state of Texas to adopt a child. Call 817-792-4409 or 817-792-4954 for more information.