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Wednesday's Child: An exciting update for siblings Clee, Ashanti and Kaveon

Clee, Ashanti and Kaveon have found their Forever Home!

Three years later, prayers have been answered for a group of three siblings I featured three times in my Wednesday's Child reports.

I was worried about them finding their Forever Home, but they never had fear.

They only had faith.

Three might just be the lucky number for these three siblings we featured three times over a period of three years hoping to find them a Forever Family together.

At our first taping at the Dallas World Aquarium in 2016, Clee broke our heart when he told us he still had nightmares about everything that led to their removal and placement into foster care.

We last featured Clee, Ashanti and Kaveon in 2017 at AT&T Stadium.

They were still together in a system that often separates siblings.

Not these three.

And they owe it to their foster parents who never let that happen.

Their foster dad assured us two years ago he would watch over them until they found a Forever Family. They all had faith it would happen

"God's got a place for these kids," Greg Green said. "We've been so blessed to be a part of their lives. They are extraordinary kids."

Now that you know their history, it will make this update even sweeter.

Clee, Ashanti and Kaveon have found their Forever Home!

They have moved to Utah and are in the process of getting adopted.

Their mom Paige Marshall told me their lives were forever changed in March, when they welcomed Clee, Ashanti and Kaveon into their family.

"Together we have learned how to keep up with laundry, work through concerns, and laugh," Marshall said. "We laugh a lot."

She also wanted to extend her gratitude to the countless people who  cared for and helped raise Ashanti, Kaveon and Clee during the eight years they spent in foster care.

Marshall said Clee hasn't had a nightmare in a long time.

Below is the entire email Marshall sent us.

Here is a quick paragraph about our family:

Our lives forever changed in March, when we welcomed Clee, Ashanti, and Kaveon into our family.  The adjustment of three additional kiddos, some being teenagers, has been an adventure; but one we wouldn't change. We have enjoyed growing as a family. Together we have learned how to keep up with laundry, work through concerns, and laugh.  We laugh a lot. Together we enjoy swimming, reading, watching movies, riding bikes, and most recently camping.  We are grateful for the countless people who have cared for, and helped raise our kiddos.  We are certainly looking forward to the adoption finalization of these three cuties, and being a family forever.  

-Paige Marshall/Mom