It's been said that children learn to smile from their parents. Today, we meet a young boy who smiles every day at the thought of having parents.

He is resilient, handsome and suffering. Chris wants to be adopted, and he did not need words to express just how much he needs parents.

With a radiant smile, 8-year-old Chris tackles each day in foster care. He's been in the system a year and a half.
Listen to him describe his adorable personality.

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"I'm cool, awesome and meticulous," he said. Chris is diligent about everything he does. His CPS caseworker, Leah Powell, says it's what makes him unforgettable.

"He just makes me smile when I think about him. And I think about him often," she said.

We took Chris indoor skydiving at iFLY in Frisco. He was good at flying. Chris is a very content child with a carefree attitude that illuminates a room.

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When asked if he wanted to be adopted, he shyly and happily nodded yes. Yet, this is the point in our interview where Chris had no words when asked what he wants from parents. He didn't need them.

With tears streaming down his face he simply nodded yes when asked if he wants to be loved, cared for, protected and be called someone's son.

"He really deserves a family," said Powell with water-filled eyes. "He needs one that's gonna love him and care for him and give him hugs and tell him how great he is," she said.

Powell says Chris is the kind of child who gives you more, so much more than you could ever give him. All he wants are parents who will continue to teach him how to smile.

"[Want them] to have fun with me and be nice. Understanding," he said with a smile.

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