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Wednesday’s Child: 17-year-old Emilee wishes to be adopted before aging out of foster care system this year

"I don't want to be on the streets." Most people are filled with happiness to celebrate their birthday, but for Emilee, she's anxious about turning 18 in November.

Imagine feeling stressed about your birthday because you could become homeless the moment you turn a certain age. Wednesday’s Child, 17-year-old Emilee, is about to celebrate a milestone birthday in November and has a special wish. 

Walking in the light is something the teen is trying to do more of these days. While at Golden BLK Candle Lounge in Dallas, Emilee was excited to get creative. She also answered questions about what makes her special. 

"I think I'm creative, I think I'm artistic, I think I'm very sweet," she answered thoughtfully.

While at Golden BLK Candle, she learned the art of candle making, which can be complex. Emilee knows a thing or two about the complexities of life. She wants to learn how to light a candle in the midst of darkness.

She's already got coping mechanisms that work when she's upset.

"I color. I paint. I go on nature walks. I talk it out, and I do hugs," she said.

Emilee has reached a critical moment in her life.

"My birthday."

Most people are filled with happiness to celebrate their birthday, but for Emilee, she's anxious about turning 18 in November.

"I would like to be adopted before I turn 18 because I want a forever family, and I don't want to be on the streets alone when I turn 18, because I have nowhere else to go, you know?" she said. 

She wants parents who are kind like her CPS caseworker, Stacy.

"She's a very nice person. She's a good person to look up to," said Emilee.

It's not always easy to describe the smell of a candle, but for Emilee describing what a family would do for her soul is very easy.

"I feel like a forever family would help me out a lot emotionally, mentally and physically," she said.

When she's blessed with her forever family, Emilee promises to pay it forward.

"I would like to go into the medical field and become a doctor either for pediatrics and adults. That way I can help people. Like I mentioned earlier, I like helping people,” she said.

Until that day, the 17-year-old said she will “let go and let God,” which was the message printed on the candle she got to take home.

For more information on how to adopt Emilee, please send all approved home studies to LaQueena Warren at LaQueena.Warren@dfps.texas.gov. Please remember to include Emilee's name within the subject line.

If you're not licensed, please visit adoptchildren.org to find out more information on how to become licensed to foster and/or adopt or contact LaQueena Warren at 817-304-1272.

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