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Wednesday's Child: 16-year-old Brett

Turning 16 is supposed to be a milestone, but for Brett, it's not as sweet as it should be.

KELLER, Texas — Do you remember what you last wished for on your birthday?

Our wishes come from the heart, from way down deep inside.

And it was no different for the child we met last week, two days before his birthday.

Brett and his caseworker showed up for our taping last Wednesday in Keller even though tornado sirens and warnings were going off all across North Texas.

They weren't about to miss his Wednesday's Child taping because Brett has a wish you need to hear.

For five years, Brett has celebrated his birthdays in Child Protective custody. This year was no different. We were with him at Gatsplat Paintball in Keller two days before his birthday

Turning 16 is supposed to be a milestone, but for Brett, it's not as sweet as it should be.

He is in need of a forever family before he ages out of the system in two years.

"I'm just looking for a loving caring family," Brett said.

Brett is both tender and tough. 

Even when he's competing in sports like paintball, he's concerned for others.

And even though he's endured years in the system, it hasn't robbed him of his smile.

"I'm loving," he said. "I'm caring. I like to spend time with family. I like pets. I like to paintball, dirt bike, going outside."

Brett needs physical activity. It's a positive outlet for his energy.

With parents, he wants to experience things he has never experienced before.

"Loving and caring and being spoiled," he said.

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He needs a family that is patient, kind, and understanding of the trauma he endured in his past.

Brett will thrive with parents who understand him.

"Friends. People cheering you on. People who care about you," he said about the kind of parents he wants.

Lately, Brett envisions more and more what his forever family will be like. 

"Laughing, funny, playing board games, taking a walk outside," he said. "Playing with little siblings."

This is Brett's wish. 

And maybe, just maybe, when he turns 17 it will no longer be as a ward of the state but as someone's son.

You must be licensed to foster or adopt in the state of Texas.

If you're already licensed, contact LaQueena Warren with CPS and she will forward your information to Brett's caseworker.

If you are not licensed, contact LaQueena at laqueena.warren@dfps.state.tx.us or at 817-304-1272 and she'll help you get the process started.