LEWISVILLE – In the serene waters of Lake Lewisville, 15-year-old Trenton opened up about six years in foster care and the struggle to stay afloat.

"I don't like it for the fact that no one is there to support you really,” he said. “You're moving around. Going everywhere."

Trenton likes to fish. During our visit to the Lewisville Fishing Barge, he caught not one, but two fish.

"Fishing helps me get my mind off some stuff and it's fun," he said.

There's plenty on Trenton's mind.

"I just want to grow up and be successful,” he said. “The statistics for foster kids aren't good.”

He has a traumatic past, capped off by the death of his biological mother, who he carries with him. Her name is tattooed on his arm.

"I just love her and miss her," he said, wiping away tears.

Trenton has been in several placements. He's safe where he is now and is always trying to help others.

"I feel like the stuff I've been through, I could use it to help other people out – like talk some about it. Cause I've been through a lot," he said.

Trenton has just three years left before aging out of the system when he turns 18. This is a scary thought, but one he says has also lit a fire under him.

"It motivates me to want to do better and accomplish," he said.

Trenton is bright and inquisitive.

He wants people to see he's a normal kid. He wants to matter to a family.

"As long as they care about me and help me out, that's good enough," he said.

Trenton knows he's a good catch! And if the last six years in foster care lead to a loving home, then for him it would have all been worth it.