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He was featured twice on Wednesday’s Child. Now 15-year-old Malik has a forever family and thanks God for his dad

"I was planning on doing one thing, but God said another thing and He put on my heart, 'Hey, this is your son,'" said Roderick Scott.

DALLAS — The adoption angels are working overtime this month! For the second week in a row, WFAA has good news about a previous Wednesday’s Child.

WFAA featured a boy named Malik twice several years ago, hoping to find him a forever home. On Monday, July 11, CPS called WFAA with good news.

Malik was featured on Wednesday's Child both in 2015 and in 2017. WFAA has never forgotten what he told WFAA anchor Cynthia Izaguirre the first time they met. He was just 8 years old.

"The reason why I am in foster care is because of the behavior I've been having, but I think I like the foster care," Malik said at the time.

He blamed himself for being in foster care. 

WFAA reassured him that wasn't true and has spent the last seven years praying he finds a forever family. 

This week, CPS told WFAA that Roderick Scott adopted Malik in April!

"I know prayer helped, because there was a lot of people that prayed for Malik like you and his CASA worker and a couple of his caseworkers," said Scott.

After nine years in foster care, Malik is now 15 years old and has a father he loves. Both he and his father joined WFAA by Zoom to talk about this special moment.

Malik told WFAA he's happy "all the way!"

"He's just been a big help since I've been in foster care ever since I came into this home. We had some ups and downs, but he was always there to help and calm me down every time I got angry," said Malik.

Malik was placed with Scott three years ago. The single dad has adopted children before, and thought he was done.

"I was planning on doing one thing, but God said another thing and He put on my heart, 'Hey, this is your son.'"

Malik told WFAA he is grateful to God for his forever family, and for his church family at the Potter's House of Dallas.

"I do want to thank God, because he actually did hook me up with this church. It's called TD Jakes with over at least 20,000 members that go to this church," he said of the Potter's House, where his dad says he sings in the church choir.

"He has a great voice," Scott said. "He's doing extremely well. He's in ROTC. He's on varsity choir. He's had three competitions doing a solo, and he got first place in all three."

Since Malik was placed with Scott, he's come a long way. They both have.

"That's the deal that we have, we'll change together," said Scott.

One thing that won't change is that Malik now has a father who isn't going anywhere. Truly, an answer to prayer. 

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