After almost two years in foster care and living in separate foster homes, Tommy and Talisha are hoping to roll into the New Year with a Christmas miracle. They hope someone adopts both of them.

"It is something I want because I want to be with my brother and spend more time with him," says Talisha.

"She means a lot to me. I've been with her since I was a little boy. I always take care of her and make sure no one messes with her," says older brother Tommy.

He is 14 and has never met a stranger. Tommy has a bright outlook on life and his future.

"I can see me playing basketball in the NBA," he says with a big smile.

Talisha is also 14. She and her brother are often mistaken for Twins. They are close in age and in spirit.

"Every time she cries I can easily make her happy just by me doing something funny," says Tommy.

Talisha and Tommy are competitive! During our adventure at Pin Stacks in Las Colinas, they competed for number one in every game. Talisha even has a cool hobby. She's only 14 and can sew.

"I take a sewing class. I've made a pillow case and I've made little pants for my foster sister. She's only 2," Talisha says proudly.

Talisha is grateful for a safe foster home. She says her foster mom needs a minivan and she hopes someone will hear this call for help.

"I pray that my foster mom can get a bigger car. She really wants a van to fit all the kids in," she says.

Tommy and Talisha have tender hearts and express gratitude for everything and everyone.

"I pray for the people that's with me," Tommy says about his foster home. "Be saying thank you for helping me and protecting me from stuff and getting me what I need," he says.

These close siblings need an active family with a strong mother figure. They hope she can laugh with them, while also guiding them to great accomplishments.

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