If you have stage fright, you admire people like 13-year-old Keniahya.

This young lady comes alive on stage.

The only thing she wants more than becoming an actor is finding a forever family.

There's no holding back Keniahya. She is proud of who she is.

She especially enjoyed herself during some acting classes at The Dallas Children's Theater.

"We got to play and be on stage and be ourselves," she said.

Keniahya wants to be a comedian and actor one day.

She is confident and outgoing.

She also has a motto: What you see is what you get.

"I'm not going to lie to you. You want to know something, I'm going to tell you," she said.

This girl is full of life, personality and sparkle. She made acting classes look so easy!

"My mom let me wear this sparkly outfit. It's cute. My dad's upset 'cause I got a lot of glitter in his car when we were driving," she said about her glittery costume.

Keniahya loves the stage and loves her foster parents.

She says her foster mom doesn't keep things from her, no matter how painful.

"She tells me the truth all the time. Even when something bad happens she tells me the truth and to not be afraid to cry because it's going to hurt sometimes."

It's been five long years in foster care for Keniahya. Her biological parents went to jail and she came into the system.

Sometimes the memories of her abuse come back.

"I wish I was calm, very calm but sometimes when I get on the rollercoaster my heart just starts beating and that's when the screaming comes in," she said.

Hugs help so much when she's upset. 

But today, there was no sadness — only joy.

Keniahya had everyone's attention.

She makes the stage her own. This is where she feels safe.

"It expresses the real me inside. The real me is funny, she's cute and she is the boldest," Keniahya said about herself.

Keniahya prays for loving parents and a forever family who will believe in her and help her to continue to shine!

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