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Wednesday's Child: 13-year-old Dekota

Typically, we have to remind kids to smile when we're on a shoot. Not 11 year-old Dekota. He doesn't stop smiling.

Editor's note: This story was originally published in March 2019, when Dekota was 11 years old. He is now 13 and is still looking for a Forever Family. Find out more about the adoption process at the bottom of this story.

It's been said "A child with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person."  

Those are the kind of parents Dekota needs. Special ones.

Typically, we have to remind kids to smile when we're on a shoot.

But not Dekota. He doesn't stop smiling.

"Dekota is a big sweetheart!" said Courtney Quijas, his CPS Caseowrker.

He might not use a lot of words, but his smile says it all!

"Everytime I see him he has the biggest smiles and he gives me the biggest hugs," Quijas said.

This week, Dekota was building Legos at Rogue Brick in Fort Worth.

The 11-year-old finds a way to communicate and build relationships everywhere he is, teaching others along the way.

"He's not like any of my kids," Quijas said. "But that doesn't mean he has any less brightness in this world. If anything he teaches me how to love stronger and how to be so happy despite what happens."

Dekota has special needs. He suffers from several different types of seizures. That's why he wears a helmet, to protect his head.

You won't find Dekota complaining about anything, though. He prefers to create special moments and takes his needs in stride.

"Any family that considers Dekota will also have to be resilient considering his needs but also in their commitment to him," Quijas said. "He's never had a consistent loving commitment and I honestly think that's what he needs the most."

It's likely Dekota will require some form of special needs care throughout his life.

His Forever Family has to be special enough to take care of Dekota. There is no question he will take care of you too. That smile alone makes all the difference!

"My hope is for him to be loved unconditionally no matter what," Quijas said.

You must be licensed to adopt a child in Texas. To learn more about Dekota email LaQueena Warren with CPS at Laqueena.Warren@dfps.state.tx.us.