Loving with a big heart is the best way to describe this Wednesday's Child. Christopher, 10, is so sweet. His energy lights up a room.

And that's exactly what happened when he spent the day with his heroes, the men at Dallas Fire Rescue Station 18.

The 10-year-old has proven to be as resilient as he is loving. "You see, I'm strong. I'm strong," he exclaimed proudly.

Christopher got to spend the day with his heroes. The firefighters from Dallas Fire Rescue Station 18 treated him like one of their brothers.

Christopher wants to one day learn to serve and protect just like these men. He knows first-hand what it feels like not to be protected, which is why when he's asked if he wants to be adopted, he says yes very loudly.

Christopher's case file with Child Protective Services started when he was just 2 weeks old. This summer will be two years since he came into the foster care system.

Larry Dolan is his Court Appointed Special Advocate. "He's a very loving young man. Has a huge heart. And we're looking with our help and Wednesday's child to find permanency for Christopher. Somebody that will give him what all kids need. Time and attention," said Dolan.

Christopher is very smart and attentive. He has special needs that require a family who is patient and good at helping him to focus.

"All the people that I know that have special needs children don't talk about it in a negative sense, but talk about what they've learned from loving that child and what that child has taught them. I think the same thing would be true of Christopher," said Dolan.

To be strong is one thing, but to have the courage to face each day with love despite a lifetime of despair makes Christopher the real hero here.