A lot of joy was felt inside a Fort Worth courtroom Tuesday.

Two sisters beat the odds stacked against them and were adopted at ages 12 and 10.

According to Child Protective Services, only 1 in 5 children adopted in Texas last year was age 10 or older, which is why what happened Tuesday was so moving.

"Happy, excited and a little nervous,” is how adoptive mom Justine described the joyous occasion.

Her now daughters 12-year-old Christina and 10 year-old Aubree had a dream come true.

“I don't have to go through anything else," said Aubree referring to her painful past of abuse and neglect.

Things weren't so happy last July during our Wednesday’s Child taping. Behind the laughs, Christina and Aubree were anguished over not having parents.

"I always say, when I get scared, God has a plan for me," Christina told WFAA.

She was right.

Fast forward 10 months and WFAA was at her adoption Tuesday.

“Last year when I was on Wednesday's Child I said 'God has a plan for me and I knew it was going to happen,'" said Christina.

Today a family was sealed after two adoptive parents fought for their daughters. Tarrant Co. Judge Patricia Bennett made it official.

"It's my pleasure to grant the adoption. Congrats and good luck!"

When Justine and Bill saw our Wednesday's Child report last summer, they knew.

"Christina said God has a bigger plan for me and that's when I knew those are MY girls!” said Justine.

Adoptive dad, Bill, fought back emotion the entire day.

"I'm usually a rock, but not now. I love my daughters," he said wiping away the tears.

Christina smiled knowing her mom and dad are not going anywhere.

"I'll always be there for you two. I love you guys so much,” he said before jokingly adding “I gotta pay for two weddings!"

According to Child Protective services, of the 5,703 children adopted in Texas last year just over 1,000 were age 10 and older.

That’s roughly 20 percent.

Babies and younger children are adopted at a much higher rate than the older kids. That's why Judge Bennett says what happened with the adoption of two older sisters is so important.

“They get to have a family again and they learn to trust again."

In the future, Christina wants to help kids like herself.

“I'm going to help them by giving them a life. I might adopt kids," she said.

This is the end of Christina and Aubree’s story. Together and blessed.