In October of 2016, WFAA introduced you to three brothers and their two little sisters who were rescued from parents who surrounded them with neglect and drugs.

The siblings, whose story was featured in WFAA's Wednesday's Child, were in the foster care system and in need of a loving and caring forever family.

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A Forney mother named Kristen was among those who watched their story.

"And it just moved me," she said. "And I felt like this was God trying to tell me these were the kids for us. Everything in that story was overwhelming that I woke [my husband Carl] up. I'm like, you gotta see this story."

Already parents to two boys of their own -- 16-year-old Carl Jr. and 10-year-old Brandon -- Kristen and Carl decided they were the family the five siblings needed. They immediately inquired about the siblings and their placement at as many as three different foster homes. They feared they were too late and that the children had already been adopted by someone else.

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<p>Hayden, Layla, Clyrissa, Max, and Daylon watch a tortoise at Heard Natural Science Museum and Animal Sanctuary.</p>

But by April of 2017, they met for the first time. The three boys -- Zane, 9, James, 8, and Jaxon, 6 --- were placed with them first. Then their sisters -- Gianna, 4, and Layla, 3 -- came next.

On Nov. 18, 2017, National Adoption Day, in a Collin County courtroom, the family of four became a family of nine as they wore matching T-shirts.

"It's a lot of work but I think it will be good for us, all of us,” Carl said.

"I'm super excited that we actually did get our forever kids," Kristen said. "It just felt so natural when we first met them that I knew this is what we were supposed to do. At the end of the day to have them still hug me and call me mommy and tell me that they love me, it means the world."

Max hugs his sister,&nbsp;Clyrissa.
Max hugs his sister,&nbsp;Clyrissa.

"I thought it was crazy,” Carl Jr. laughed. “Five more kids? I thought it was a lot. "

But now, even the new big brother agrees it was the right thing to do.

"Brings more excitement to the family too,” Carl Jr. said. “And I can be a role model for them."

His new little brother, James, agrees.

"The best part about having a big brother is him taking care of me,” James said.

"They're a blessing to us, to our family,” Kristen said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

On this Wednesday, nearly a year and a half after the story first aired on WFAA, Kristen and Carl let the children watch the original TV story to let them know how they found them.

"We are so grateful, so thankful and feel so blessed that you air Wednesday's Child," Kristen said. "That you please continue to do it to help the other children. But it just means so much because these five now have a forever home and will have a family that will love them unconditionally no matter what."

"And how important Wednesday's Child is," she continued. "There are so many kids out there that need a home. And there are families that don't know that they too can actually help children. "

More than one year ago, the kids told WFAA they just hoped someday they would find a nice mommy and daddy.

The laughter you could hear from their new home in Forney told us they certainly did.