PLANO Cans and boxes are arriving at Minnie's Food Pantry, thanks in part to TangoTab. It's a new Web site with the motto: If you eat, they eat.

By checking out limited time offers at restaurants near you, reserving the table, and then eating, TangoTab gives a meal to a local food pantry.

For Minnie's, that means 40,000 donated meals last month, helping serve 4,000 people.

It's that simple, and it's free, said Cheryl Jackson, who helps run Minnie s Food Pantry in Plano.

It s free for customers, and a success for restaurants that see patrons on slow days, thanks to the TangoTab Web site.

I've brought my family to work here, and it's an amazing feeling to see how you can help people, said Andre Angel, who started TangoTab.

Angel lives in Plano, and says the problem of hunger is alarming, which is why 20 percent of his for-profit revenues go to Minnie's Food Pantry.

In Plano one of the richest cities in the world, one of the safest cities in the world it's a huge problem, he said. And if we're having this problem, the rest of the US is having an even bigger problem, he said.

Our donors who usually give to me are calling to ask can they come get food that's what we're in right now, Jackson added.

The extra meals give this pantry which gets no government help the boost its clients need.

They don't come in here thinking, 'I'm coming to get food.' They're coming to get hope... and they walk out the door with food, Jackson said.