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‘You just can’t catch a break’: Struggling single mom gets Little Wish

After her car broke down, a water line in her home busted, and her refrigerator went out, Maritza Rincon’s best friend nominated her for a Little Wish.

DALLAS — This content is sponsored by Sam Pack Auto Group. 

Beautiful pictures of smiling families sometimes hide serious struggles.

Maritza Rincon is proof.

“She’s gone through a lot,” said Albert Lam, Rincon’s best friend of more than 16 years. 

“Her car went out and she’s been saving up money to get it fixed. Then a water line at her house had a leak, and the refrigerator broke down.”

Rincon has also struggled to find a steady job during the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently delivering food for an app-based delivery service.

She lives in rural Alvarado, where Lam says internet access is spotty, making virtual school difficult for her son and daughter.

Rincon’s story is relatable to countless Americans trying to keep afloat during the pandemic but finding one obstacle after another in their paths.

Lam was desperate to help his friend, so he nominated her for a Little Wish.

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Rincon has been driving a rental car as she tries to save up enough money to repair her own.

She pulled over on the side of the road to join a surprise video call Lam invited her to.

“I know you and you know me. We don’t like reaching out for help,” Lam explained.

She was startled when he read a letter revealing what he’d done:

“Dear Maritza,

"We’ve all had times when we just can’t catch a break. And in those moments, we need family, friends and neighbors to help us out. Sam Pack Auto Group is a proud member of your North Texas family, and it is our privilege to help our neighbors when they need it.

"Your friends at Sam Pack heard about your struggles and we are excited to grant you this Little Wish:  A $2,000 Visa gift card and a $2,000 Costco gift card are in the mail.

"We hope this will help you pay for gas and other household items for your family.


Sam Pack Auto Group and WFAA”

Lam and Rincon both cried.

She was speechless.

“Oh my God,” she repeated.

Between tears, she admitted just how hard life is.

“Not being able to provide is definitely heartbreaking. Every day, going home and only having 15 minutes from the time I leave work to come home and cry. Then I pull myself together so they don’t know what’s going on,” she said.

“I’ve been working my butt off to try to catch up. Nothing seems to help. It just seems like I’m drowning,” Rincon said.

Hopefully, her Little Wish is a life preserver.

“It’s hard knowing you’re disappointing your children. It’s like every time I start to do something positive in my life, something goes wrong. It doesn’t matter what you do – you can’t catch a break,” she said.

“I definitely appreciate this,” she said.

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