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Little Wish granted for brain cancer patient’s birthday

Her first diagnosis came in 2000. Now the cancer is back.

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The treatments started 22 years ago.

And Peggy Hatton is now back in the fight.

“I’ve been in this battle a long time -- years and years and years. I’m still hanging in there. I’m a soldier still doing God’s work. He hasn’t finished with me yet.”

She was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2000.

It has come back -- and spread.

“I’m not young like I used to be. But I know I will bounce back up,” she said. “I fell, but I’ll get back up.”

Most Little Wishes involve a friend or family nominating someone.

But not Peggy.

Credit: Peggy Hatton

“I had to nominate myself because it’s myself. And I know what I’ve gone through,” she said.

Peggy’s nomination asked for a weekend at a hotel for her 64th birthday.

But the Little Wish she was granted will cover much more.

Sam Pack Auto Group gave Peggy a $4,000 gift card.

She couldn’t believe it.

“Oh hallelujah, Jesus. Thank you, lord,” she said. “Sometimes you think about what all you went through -- that you deserve this, deserve to have some type of peace. And I can say I deserve to have some type of peace in my life.”

Peggy had just celebrated her 64th birthday when the Little Wish was granted.

And she decided she’d first buy vitamins to get stronger and gas to go to and from treatment.

Then she’ll make repairs to her car and – if there’s anything left – she’ll take a vacation.

If you'd like to nominate someone for a Little Wish, go to wfaa.com/littlewishes.

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